Tahnik Service

Tahnik & Cukur 2


One of the manifestations of the deep devotion the companions had for the Prophet was that when a child was born in the family, they brought it to him so that he might bless it, and apply on its palate, the pulp of a date etc. The date (or honey) should be chewed to make it easier for the baby to swallow. This is called tahnik and it is a sunnah (the prophet’s example).


Narrates Aishah (wife of the prophet, may Allah bless her): People used to bring their newborn children to the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him), and he would bless them and perform the tahnik ceremony.


Tahnik is a sunnah and it should be done at the 7th, 14th or 21st days of the child’s life.


Darul Hidayah celebrates the birth of a newborn Muslim by offering the Tahnik ceremony services at our centre. The service includes the application of the honey into the child’s mouth and the first shaving of the baby’s hair. The service is led by Asatizah of Darul Hidayah, and this service is acquired by appointment only.

We can also come down to your house for this Tahnik service, with minimal charges of $150 only.

Please contact us @ 90230044 / 8298 5485.